Thank you for your interest. I am an Illustrator and designer based in Sheffield, UK. I am comfortable working in a variety of styles and using a range of techniques and I will happily work with any available tool, whether it be a pencil, paintbrush, pen or ipad.

Children’s Books
I enjoy working on illustrations for children’s books. It allows me to play with ideas and media, to express my humour, my sense of fun and my imagination.

Botanical Illustration
Botanical Illustration represents a fusion of the romantic’s love of nature and the scientist’s eye for detail. Many people collect botanical illustrations because they are fascinating and beautiful.  However, they also have a valuable role in providing a visual record of the contents of plant collections. I am happy to have contributed to the pictorial archives of the Florilegium Societies at The Botanical Gardens in Sheffield and Chelsea Physic Garden in London.

I am a creative communicator with a passion for good design and with considerable experience of managing design projects.