“I recently asked Neelam to create some illustrations and graphics for me for an academic project. Throughout the entire to-ing and fro-ing process as I fine-tuned my requirements, Neelam was consistently patient, thorough and meticulous in her development and delivery of the materials I needed. Her creativity and ideas provided me with visual resources that greatly enhanced my academic project.” - Louise O'Connor, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Social Work, Royal Holloway, University of London

“I have really enjoyed working with Neelam and I have been impressed by her thorough and methodical approach to managing the work, which has made the whole process very straightforward from my perspective.” - Gemma Green, AGCAS Communications and Engagement Manager, Sheffield

“Everybody loves the illustrations and the poster is stunning. We are really blown away. It’s so good. Thank you, Neelam. It has been such a pleasure to work with you.” - Vani Sreekanta, SeasonWatch Team Member, Bangalore

“Neelam is the ideal collaborator: she is reliable, trustworthy, an original thinker and a great communicator. She is honest and thinks beyond what’s required. She is an artist of great talent and commitment. Her designs are breathtaking.  I am so proud to have worked – and to continue to work, I’m sure – with Neelam." - LindaLee Welch, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

“Neelam is a very talented art director. She has a great sense of style, colour and aesthetics. She is a confident and committed individual with a very good work ethic. She has the ability to grasp the communication requirement quickly and come up with relevant and refreshing concepts. She is certainly an asset to any team.” - Ganesh Baliga, Managing Director, Fifth Estate Communications

“Neelam is a thorough professional, dedicated to seeing both the big picture and the finer details. The result is usually something simple, refined, and completely right for the occasion. What makes the process of working with her something to look forward to, is her team spiritedness which at once makes everything enjoyable, refreshing and fun to work on.” - Preetha Leela Chockalingam, Senior Lecturer, LSBM, London